Association for the support of European-Arab Relations. (ASREA)

Non-profit organization based in Rome, Italy, specialized in scientific and cultural exchange between European and Arab nations.

Official Languages: Italian, English and Arabic.

Mission and Goals:

First: International cooperation between European countries based on peace, love, and respect of human rights.

Second: Promotion of dialogue and cultural exchange between European and Arab nations.

Third: Exchange of information and the latest developments in fields of: science, health, history, and culture.

Fourth: Spreading awareness of the rights and obligations of immigrants between Europe and Arab countries and helping them to integrate and interact socially and culturally in their host communities.

Fifth: Encourage and support convergence between Nations via modern communication tools, events, meetings, exhibitions, and conferences, in collaboration with diplomatic missions and cultural representatives in European and Arab countries.

Dr. Nasser Elgilani


Dr. Cecilia Paolini

Vice President